Health and Safety at KMH

Senior living homes and other communal environments require specialized procedures for health and safety. KMH staff are trained to follow strict guidelines for sanitation and personal care.There is nothing more important than the wellness of residents and staff at KMH.

All areas of the KMH campus are taking the highest precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and disease of any kind. KMH is following all required reporting procedures and  providing frequent testing to residents and staff. We take the highly-contagious nature of this virus seriously and work tirelessly to protect residents in our care.

KMH Does the Cleaning for You

KMH provides deep cleaning, frequent laundry service for all towels, clothes and sheets, as well as ample supplies of personal protective equipment. In many instances, it is actually easier for seniors to stay well at KMH than at a family home. When assistance is needed, healthcare professionals are available around the clock. Staff tend to emergent needs so residents don’t have to travel for in-office or hospital visits.

While many of KMH’s shared spaces saw increased restrictions in response to COVID-19, staff are working diligently to offer alternative ideas for socialization and vibrant living.  Bringing small exercise equipment from the fitness center directly to apartments, facilitating video calls with family and friends, borrowing books from the library by request and many other thoughtful responses from the KMH team seek to make the increased restrictions less burdensome and combat loneliness. We understand the essential nature of human connection and work to facilitate new ways of being together safely.

Healthy, Vibrant Living Spaces

Residents and their families feel good about the KMH environment. It looks, smells and feels clean because it is clean. Housekeeping, laundry and transportation are all covered. Medical professionals carefully balance the physical and emotional needs of each person while closely following the advice of public health officials. Residents enjoy their own space while maintaining access to the many amenities and services KMH has to offer.

Live vibrantly with the peace of mind that comes from KMH. Maintenance-free living eliminates challenging obligations and upkeep expenses. Pets are welcome, fun activities are available and the healthcare team is second-to-none. If you’re considering a new home in senior living for yourself or a loved one, please contact KMH. What you’ll find is a welcoming community with delicious food, modern comforts and first-rate healthcare. Reach out more details on wellness-focused, resident-centered care at KMH.