Helping Your Parents

While the thought of sitting down with your parents to talk about moving to a senior living community may be daunting, it doesn’t have to be. There are several ways to approach the topic in a loving, positive way, as noted in the talking points below.

Talk About Living

KMH offers a new way of living. Don’t focus your discussion on the skilled nursing care (although that’s important). Rather, focus on the opportunities to be active, social and fulfilled. Take a tour. Look around. Imagine being in this vibrant community.

Talk About Timing

Time and time again, we hear our residents say “I wish I’d done this years ago.” If your parents are healthy and active, this is a great time to move in to enjoy all of the community activities.

Talk About Consistency

Come meet with our staff, and you will discover how they can customize housing, care and services to best meet your parents’ needs – right now and as they age. Once your parents move into our community, there’s no need to move again.

Talk about safety

Your love and concern for your parents should be at the center of any discussion with them about safety. KMH offers maintenance-free living, giving families more freedom and peace of mind.  Here are five areas to help you determine if your parents are safe at home:

Medications: Are meds being taken correctly?

If there is a medicine regimen to follow, monitor daily pill-keepers to see if the right meds are being taken in the right ways at the right times. Do your parents manage taking medications well? Complicated medication schedules or dosing instructions may be confusing or overwhelming.

Mail: Is everything being sorted and opened, and are bills being paid?

If unopened mail and past-due bills are stacking up in plain sight around the house, make a mental note. This may indicate your parents are forgetting to handle primary household responsibilities.

Housekeeping: Is the house clean and in good condition

Are there any home maintenance issues that are dangerous? Loose handrails, trip and fall hazards, or an unclean kitchen and bathroom are hazardous to aging home owners.

Diet: What are they eating?

Nutrition is imperative to healthy living. If your parents have stopped cooking, or if you see that food isn’t being cooked and stored safely in their home, they may need assistance.

Mood: How are they feeling?

Regular conversations are key. Ask your parents how and what they’re doing. Are they getting out, seeing friends and keeping their minds engaged? If not, consider how this might be affecting them mentally and emotionally. A community setting may be exactly what they need to thrive.