Long Term Care at KMH

Long Term Care at KMH

KMH meets residents where they are with the level of assistance they appreciate. Seniors living independently at KMH apartments may, or may not, eventually require additional healthcare services. All the options are available, all the time, within the KMH campus.

At KMH, easily adjust your service level to match changing needs. Avoid disruptions and difficult moves. Count on KMH to change with you, from independent living to memory or long term care. Ease into or back out of various levels of assistance. Maintain maximum independence with the assurance of closeby care when you need it.                     

Households at KMH Pavillion

The KMH Long Term Care Pavilion is made up of four households, each as unique as the residents who live there. Within comfortable suites, private or semiprivate rooms, residents receive round-the-clock healthcare from licensed professionals. KMH prepares and serves all meals and healthy snacks according to specially developed meal plans. 

KMH caregivers develop individualized programs for each resident. The medical teams of skilled nurses and certified nurse assistants serve residents with compassion. Other services include physical, occupational and speech therapy as well as podiatry, dentistry and optometry. Long term care residents can easily visit friends and participate in community events throughout the KMH campus.

Vibrant Living in Long Term Care

All seniors are welcome to call KMH home. Even with the most comprehensive senior living options in Wichita, KMH does not charge a buy-in or entrance fee. Fun activities are available, amentities abound and the healthcare team is highly experienced. 

If you’re considering options in senior living, from independent apartments to long term care, please contact KMH. For more than 120 years, families have trusted KMH to provide safe, enjoyable and healthy homes. Reach out and speak with a member of the KMH team for more information on the residence that’s right for you.