Rapid Recovery Rehabilitation

KMH Recovery Programs Help Residents Regain Function and Create Smooth Transitions From Hospital to Home.

Rapid Recovery Rehabilitation at KMH

Private, Rapid Recovery Suites at KMH offer advanced resources and technology for a wide range of short-term, intensive rehabilitative services. Within a household designed specifically for therapy, we help you comfortably ease back into everyday routines and smoothly transition home. Our team creates individualized treatment plans to ensure the best one-on-one, skilled nursing. The fully-equipped KMH therapy center is conveniently located within Rapid Recovery Rehab.

Discover What KMH Has To Offer:

  • Speech, physical, occupational, VitalStim, ultrasound/e-stim, aquatic, oxygen/respiratory, cardiac and IV therapies

  • Transportation for therapy purposes

  • Wound care, pain management, dialysis (off-site), dietitian and discharge planning


In accordance with regulatory requirements, KMH reports data on patient care to Medicare and other organizations. Medicare provided the clinical analysis below. For more information, go to www.medicare.gov

  1. Rehospitalization rate for short stays is 11.3% vs. 21% in KS and 21.9% nationwide.
  2. ER visits for short stays is 6.5% vs. 12.4% in KS and 12.4% nationwide.
  3. Rate of successful return to home from a short term stay is 69.7% vs. 54.5% in Kansas and 54% nationwide.
  4. Return to home rate for short stays is better than national rate of 48.6%.
  5. Long term care # of hospitalizations is 1.32 vs. 1.81 in KS and 1.7 nationwide.

Information on Medicare.gov as of 1/23/19.